XLAR Embryos

Thank you for considering our embryo packages. If you have any questions or need more information about embryo transfer and the XLAR breeding program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Price is per embryo and buyer is responsible for shipping and handling. For more information please contact Bob Ballew (307) 258-0107 or Bob@wyoballew.com

DamDam AAA #DOBSireSire AAA#Cane NumberQU
144 Ruby 0851169902909/8/11DV All In17307074A926 9572 8513
2SAV Emblyonette 1020 *169284672/21/11EXAR Denver 2002 B17160560E548 6221 A3
3BoBo Blackcap 10311705024912/27/11DV All In173070746515 A3
4BoBo Blackcap 10311705024912/27/11VAR Generation 2100171715876561 B3
5SAV Emblyonette 1131 *169285132/28/11PA Power Tool 910816381311E548 6214 A3
6EXAR Rita 1766168828953/6/11DV All In173070746516 A3
7EXAR Rita 1766168828953/6/11GAR Momentum17354145E109 AN 6560 A3
8SAV Emblynette 1787169840661/20/11VAR Generation 2100171715876510 A3
9SydGen Lucy 2107172451661/11/12DV All In17307074926 9568 21073
10EXAR Lucy 3120 *166885388/19/10Rito 9Q13 of Rita 5F56 GHM16408438E548 62493
11EXAR Royal Lass 7192157044005/14/07Baldridge Waylon W34164769496511 A3
12EXAR Rita 715991592084811/9/07AAR Ten X 7008 SA15719841E548 6219 A3
13Southern Rita 85004162074439/2/08AAR Ten X 7008 SA157198416507 A3
14Southern Rita 85004162074439/2/08Quaker Hill Rampage 043616925771B926 9266 850043
15Sinclair Enchantress 6BT26 *1554173212/8/06Rito 9M25 of Rita 5F56 GHM16340278E548 62233
16Sinclair Primrose 6X40153550443/1/06Baldridge Waylon W341647694965173
17Sinclair K Byt 8R100160272411/29/08Baldridge Waylon W34164769496513 A3
18Sinclair K Byt 8R100160272411/29/08DV All In17307074926 9567 8R1003
19Sinclair Primrose 9X63163610943/31/09Connealy Black Granite170289636506 B3
20Sinclair Primrose 9X63163610943/31/09DV All In17307074A926 9571 9X633


Thursday, April 27th, 2023


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